Components infrastructure

The structure of components that CIKit manages is shown on the scheme below.

CIKit components structure

The CI server (droplet) could be located as on the other server (matrix), as being the highest unit in a chain.

Access droplet from Matrix

When a droplet is located within Matrix then it can be accessed in two ways: via Docker from the Matrix or via SSH from the outside.

Access droplet from VM

Define the host via hosts manager or use an existing one in Ansible’s delegate_to.


Define the host.

cikit host/add --alias=matrix1

Use the alias.

- name: Test task
    dest: /tmp/test.txt
    force: yes
    content: "Test content"
  delegate_to: matrix1

If you’re in the project directory and having the .cikit/credentials/MATRIX_NAME/DROPLET_NAME catalogs structure then the MATRIX_NAME.DROPLET_NAME alias can be used as well/instead.