Login to droplet via SSH

There are two ways to log in at one of the droplets.


Find the credentials for the connection in the following paths:

  • PROJECT_DIR/.cikit/credentials/MATRIX_NAME/DROPLET_NAME/DROPLET_NAME.private.key
  • /usr/local/share/cikit/credentials/MATRIX_NAME/DROPLET_NAME/DROPLET_NAME.private.key

Review the case when the matrix1 - it’s a name of the matrix with the example.com hostname and cikit04 a name of the droplet:

  • MATRIX_HOST equal to example.com
  • MATRIX_NAME equal to matrix1
  • DROPLET_NAME equal to cikit04
  • DROPLET_NUMBER equal to 04
  • DROPLET_KEY equal to one of the paths where the key is stored. This depends on how a droplet was created. If it was within the project - credentials are in <PROJECT_DIR>. Otherwise in a global storage.
ssh [email protected] -p2204 -i /usr/local/share/cikit/credentials/matrix1/cikit04/cikit04.private.key


Login to your matrix via SSH and to the droplet from there via docker exec -it DROPLET_NAME bash.

To get the list of matrices you can refer to the host manager documentation.