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Integrate CMS or framework

CIKit is good because doesn’t limit the development using Drupal or Wordpress only. Those systems have built-in support, but you can add an integration with another framework or CMS completing several simple steps.

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Environment configuration

The .cikit/environment.yml will be created, after running the vagrant up or vagrant provision, with all configuration you made.

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Environment variables

Create the /path/to/project/.cikit/vars/env.yml that looks similar to the structure below and define the variables you want.

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Project (re-)installation

The cikit reinstall command (re-)installs a project, executing a set of tasks. Every project has scripts/vars/main.yml configuration where some important variables are stored.

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MySQL import strategies

When you’re using SQL workflow and importing a project database from the remote then it might happen that you’ll need some customization of that process. Import strategies - are the scenarios on how to download the database you need.

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Microsoft SQL server

The MSSQL could be installed to the machine during its provisioning - the user will be asked a question whether he/she wants to have it.

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Be aware that Solr - is not a regular service which can be used thru System V initialization scripts (like sudo service solr restart).

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Setup a connection between PhpStorm and Xdebug to debug a project. Read more


During project lifecycle developers produce tons of code which cannot be comprehended and analyzed by human. To help this done were introduced the code sniffers. They are analyzing the codebase in every Jenkins build and could be manually executed inside of development environment - your local Vagrant machine - by running the cikit sniffers command.

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Vagrant box

Information, access details and creation process. Read more

Web server

Choose and configure a web server to serve your application. Read more

Custom virtual hosts

Configure extra virtual hosts to serve separate applications within the project using subdomains. Read more

Custom PHP packages

Installing custom PHP extensions. Read more