Hosting project on Pantheon

Hosting platforms differ from each other and we have to take some actions before being compatible with Pantheon. Here they are.

Install Terminus

Open the <PROJECT_DIR>/.cikit/roles/cikit-project/meta/main.yml and add the cikit-pantheon-terminus role under the dependencies:

  - role: cikit-pantheon-terminus
    tags: ["terminus"]

Configure hosting

Create the pantheon.yml file in the <PROJECT_DIR> following the official documentation. Add custom properties: site, user.token (read more how to create tokens at and

# Custom properties.
site: dp844aa6-8f67-45a1-9dea-a2335347c0bd
# This user will be used by Terminus.
  email: [email protected]
  token: mAcRd9ZiUo1GPyPyWpiX2Ey-lKNyZzaWUYYGGpwlvylPn

# Pantheon-related properties.
api_version: 1
php_version: 5.6
web_docroot: true
drush_version: 8

Inject Pantheon configuration