Environment variables

Create the /path/to/project/.cikit/vars/env.yml that looks similar to the structure below and define the variables you want.

  # The list of per-file variables to unconditionally add everywhere.
      CIKIT_PROJECT: "{{ project }}"
  # The list of per-file variables to add to development environment only (VM).
      CIKIT_PROJECT_URI: "{{ site_url }}"
  # The list of per-file variables for CI environment (remote CI server).
      CIKIT_CI: true

The contents above provided by CIKit out of the box but if you create own env.yml it’ll no longer be used since your file overrides the default one. If you want to keep those values we recommend to copy the data and modify them as needed.


The cikit_env is a multilevel dictionary with three available root keys: global, local and ci. They are self-descriptive, but couple additional words won’t be superfluous.

Every key under one of the groups is a path to an existing file to add the variables to (in case of specifying a path to the non-existent file you’ll get an error).

Global variables

By global we mean the variables that should be added independently to an environment, whether it’s your local VM for development or CI droplet.

Local variables

The local means that variables availability guaranteed inside of VM only.

CI variables

The ci is opposite to local and expose variables on CI droplets only.