Be aware that Solr - is not a regular service which can be used thru System V initialization scripts (like sudo service solr restart).

By default it’s configured to be operable by its own user - solr - with home directory at /opt/solr. Data directory with schema, cores and another configurations located at /var/solr.


Execute sudo runuser -l solr -c "solr" to see the list of available operations.

Common examples

Check the status, stop, start and/or restart server.

sudo runuser -l solr -c "solr [status|stop|start|restart]"

You may simplify the entire command to execute to sudo solr and suppress warning using -force option but it’s definitely not recommended to run search server that way.

Solr UI

  • Local UI, inside of VM, is available on: http://PROJECT.loc:8078
  • Remote UI, on CI server, is available on: https://DOMAIN/solr

Drupal configuration

cikit repository --cmf=drupal --version=7.54 --project=remo
cd remo
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cikit reinstall
drush en search_api_solr -r /var/www/docroot -y

Drupal 7 Solr server creation